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2 Variants of Chicken Tongseng Without Coconut
Yodi Supriyadi Yodi Supriyadi
Friday, March 11, 2022

2 Variants of Chicken Tongseng Without Coconut

Purwakarta - Not only mutton can be made tongseng, chicken meat is also delicious cooked into tongseng.

Cooking tongseng also doesn't have to be coconut milk.

Even without coconut milk, tongseng can also be delicious, savory, and thick. There is a special recipe to keep the chicken tongseng rich in taste.

1. Spicy Chicken Tongseng

Spicy Chicken Tongseng

Ingredient :

1/2 kg of chicken

2 tomatoes, cut

Cabbage to taste, cut into pieces

6 pieces of cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp brown sugar

50 ml coconut milk

Soup ingredients:

4 red onions, finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic, puree

2 hazelnuts, puree

1 segment of turmeric, puree

1 segment of galangal, bruised

1/2 tsp coriander powder

2 lime leaves

1 bay leaf

2 tbsp sweet soy sauce

Sufficient sugar

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

How to make:

1. Clean the chicken.

2. Cut according to taste.

3. Saute the seasoning ingredients.

4. Enter the coconut milk and water, wait until it boils.

5. Add chicken, tomatoes, cabbage, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar.

6. Cook until the spices are absorbed.

7. Correct the taste, serve while warm.

2. Chicken Tongseng (Original Flavor)

Chicken Tongseng (Original Flavor)

Ingredient :

300 gr boneless chicken cut into 1/2 x 2 x 3 cm

20 pcs petai

2 red chilies, coarsely chopped

8 red onions, thinly sliced

2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

1 tsp pepper powder

1/2 tsp cooked shrimp paste

3 tbsp sweet soy sauce

1 pc tomato, cut 4-6

How to make :

1. Pour 3 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan, saute garlic until yellow.

2. Add the red onion, mix well. Saute until wilted.

3. Add chicken, stir until stiff.

4. Add 250 ml of water, all ingredients, salt, and sugar to taste.

5. Cook until the chicken is cooked and the gravy thickens.

6. Remove and serve.

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